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Booking a Villa

Booking Terms & Conditions

Having seen the pictures and read all about the fantastic villas, you should be ready for a great vacation in the Orlando area.  However, you need to understand the terms and conditions associated with booking the villas.  This is to ensure that you get the maximum from your stay, come to no harm around the villas and are fully aware of what we expect from you.  

Please take time to read and understand all sections associated with the Terms & Conditions in booking a villa.

Booking & Occupancy

  • The 'Primary Renter' must be at least 21 years of age and is responsible for compliance with the booking terms and conditions, as well as the conduct of the booking party during the rental period.  The 'Villa' is the designated rental villa and the 'Arrival Date' is the date of arrival at the the Villa for the specified rental period.  The 'Owners' are the current owners of the villas or representatives of the owners and the 'Management Company' are responsible for the day-to-day running of the villas.

  • A booking is only confirmed when a completed Booking Reservation form and the required payment are received and accepted by the Owners or Management Company. Where requested, the Primary Renter may be required to provide Photo ID in addition to completing the Booking Reservation form. 

  • The maximum licensed occupancy of each villa is 6 adults/children plus 2 infants. Only persons listed on the Booking Reservation form are eligible to reside during the rental period.  The Management Company reserves the right to refuse admission or expel any persons not so listed.  The Owners must be informed of any amendments to the list of persons on the Booking Reservation form prior to the Arrival Date.  Where the maximum occupancy is exceeded or the conduct of the party is deemed unacceptable, the Management Company and/or Owners have the right to terminate the booking agreement and expel all persons from the Villa.

  • We are unable to accept bookings for all same gender and same age-group parties.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, check-in time is 4pm on the Arrival Date and check-out time is 10am on the day of departure.  All times are local time.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, pool heating is not included during the rental period and will be subject to a separate charge.

  • The Owners reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and the Primary Renter agrees to abide by the most recent version of these.


  • Where the Arrival Date is in excess of 56 days from the current date, then a non-refundable deposit must be paid to confirm the booking.  Where the Arrival Date is within 56 days of the current date, then full payment is required to confirm the booking .

  • Once the booking is confirmed, the rental price is guaranteed against increase, subject to changes and the conditions of payment being met.  Requested changes to the Arrival Date, duration of stay or additional cost items may alter the rental price and are excluded from this guarantee.  In the event of any cheque not being honoured by the bank (on which it is drawn) or other charges incurred through payment to confirm the booking, these charges will be added to the rental price.

  • The outstanding balance of the rental price and the security deposit is payable no later than 56 days prior to the Arrival Date.

  • A security deposit of 150/US$250 for the first 14 nights plus 50/US$75 per additional 7 nights (or part thereof) is payable no later than 56 days prior to the Arrival Date (or as indicated by the Owners).  Subject to a post-stay inspection by the Management Company, the security deposit is fully refundable.  Any damage, breakages, theft of contents, negligence, non-compliance with these terms and conditions or exceptional post-stay cleaning may incur a charge against the security deposit.  The Primary Renter is liable for any additional amount whereby the cost of repair, replacement or cleaning exceeds the security deposit.

  • The Owners reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled where the outstanding balance of the rental price or security deposit is not paid within the stated time period.  Such a cancellation is a full termination of any agreement between the Primary Renter and the Owners.  

Cancellation & Amendments

  • Where the Primary Renter requests an amendment or cancellation to the booking, any such change must be made in writing to the Owners.  Any change will not become effective until agreed and confirmed in writing by the Owners.

  • Refunds for cancellations by the Primary Renter will be effective based on the date received by the Owners and will be due as follows:

    • 56 or more days prior to the Arrival Date - all monies paid less the deposit.

    • Between 42 and 55 days (inclusive) prior to the Arrival Date - the security deposit and 50% of all monies paid.

    • In all other cases, any refund is made at the discretion of the Owners.

  • Where the booking is terminated by the Owners and/or Management Company, the refund of monies will be in accordance with the reason for the termination.  No refund will be made for a breach or non-compliance of the terms and conditions of booking. 

  • Force Majeure. The Owners and Management Company accept no responsibility or liability for loss, damage or alteration to the booking caused by events beyond our control, including, but not restricted to, flight delays/cancellations, airport closures, adverse weather conditions, fire, flood, war or industrial disputes.  To cover unexpected eventualities, the Owners strongly advise that adequate travel insurance is taken out when booking a villa.

The Villa

  • Smoking is not permitted within the living areas of the the Villa.  Failure to adhere to this will result in a minimum charge of 50/US$75 being levied, along with any additional costs in replacing or cleaning smoke damaged items.

  • Pets are not allowed as part of any booking.  Where the Owners or Management Company are made aware of any pets at the villa, they have the right to terminate the booking with immediate effect.

  • The alarm on the patio doors leading to the pool area is a safety requirement under Florida State Law. Under no exceptions must this alarm be tampered with, removed or deactivated in any way.  Failure to adhere to this will result in a minimum charge of 50/US$75 being levied and complete non-liability by the Owners of any injuries incurred as a result of this.  If the pool alarm appears faulty in any way, the Management Company must be informed immediately.

  • Charcoal or briquette barbecue grills must not be used within the screened area of the deck.  Failure to adhere to this will result in a minimum charge of 50/US$75 being levied, along with any additional costs in replacing or cleaning damaged items.  Using a barbecue and leaving it in an unclean state will result in a minimum charge of 50/US$75 being levied.

  • Should any problem, damage or breakages occur to the Villa or the contents during your stay, the Management Company must be notified at the earliest opportunity.  The Management Company must be informed before checking-out of the Villa. 

  • The operational times, water flow, water temperature and controls for the pool filtering and heating equipment must not be altered under any circumstances.  Failure to adhere to this will result in the entire security deposit being withheld, together with any additional costs incurred through the direct or indirect damage of such equipment.

  • During the rental period, there may be the need for third-party maintenance personnel to visit the Villa exterior (e.g. lawn maintenance, pest control, pool cleaning), for which access must be granted.  Third-party maintenance persons must not be allowed access to the interior of the Villa without prior notice from the Management Company.  Any concerns regarding third-party personnel must be reported immediately to the Management Company.  The Management Company have reasonable right of admission to the Villa at all times.

  • No additional copies of any key or remote control to access the Villa must be made.  Additional keys must be requested through the Management Company.

  • When checking-out of the Villa, all keys and remote controls (including alarm and garage doors) must be left on the dining room table in the Villa.  If any keys or remote controls are missing, damaged or broken, a charge will be levied against the security deposit.

  • The Owners cannot accept liability for any personal items which may be stolen or damaged during the rental period.  All guests must have their own Travel insurance.

  • Children must not use the pool or pool area unsupervised.

  • The Owners cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever and howsoever caused for injury, damage or loss as a result of the use of the the Villa, pool area and failure to adhere to these terms and conditions.  

Problems & Complaints

  • In the unlikely event that during your stay you have a problem with the Villa or the facilities, this must be brought to the attention of the Management Company immediately.  They will investigate and aim to resolve the issue locally.  If you are dissatisfied with the outcome to the reported problem, please put the complaint in writing to the Owners within 10 days of your return.

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