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Visiting Florida

Cabriolet, 4-Door, SUV or Hummer?

If you have driven around the Walt Disney World area, you will know that it is designed to be 'tourist friendly'.

The roads are wider, signs are clear, intersections have lane markings to follow, there are few roundabouts and the driving is generally more relaxed.

Although driving in the US has some different rules, these should be straightforward to pick.  If you are unsure, always have the rental company go through the main ones before you drive away.  With the exception of specialist rental cars, the majority of hire cars will have a petrol engine with automatic transmission.  Once on the road, you will soon notice that the price of gas (petrol) is much cheaper per gallon than in the UK.

Hummer H3 from Alamo

To help you find your bearings, the car hire company will provide a simple map.  However, even if you are familiar with the area, a good detailed map or Sat Nav option (for your rental car) is worthwhile as the road network is regularly extended and improved.

US Car Hire for Dollar, Alamo and Budget

With a wide choice of rental car companies available, we use and recommend US Car Hire and Virgin Holidays Car Hire.   Here you will find discounted rates on vehicles, with insurance and driver options to suite most visitors needs.  US Car Hire offers you the choice  from major renters such as: Dollar Rent-A-Car, Alamo and Budget.  It is also possible to select different collection and drop-off points (including the Orlando airports and highway US192).  Vehicles range from smaller compact cars through to family MPVs, convertibles, Hummers and even prestige cars.

Although fully comprehensive insurance is not mandatory, we always advise 'LDW' (Loss Damage Waiver) and 'CDW' (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance - which are included with US Car Hire.  'LDW' is for loss or theft of the vehicle and 'CDW' is for damage to the vehicle.  Where a 'free' tank of fuel is not included in the vehicle rental and you are presented with the option to 'Pre-pay for Fuel', this will allow you to bring the vehicle back empty.  If not, then you will need to fill the car up before returning it.

  • Up to 25% discount off standard rental prices

  • Fully comprehensive insurance 

  • Options for free tank of fuel and multiple drivers

  • Collect and return to different locations in Florida

  • Latest models, well maintained with low mileage

  • Select your make, model and colour (Alamo only)

  • GPS Sat Nav option (can be pre-programmed for the villas)

  • No credit card surcharges

Having used US Car Hire for a number of years, booking a car for your trip is straightforward.  Simply reserve with a deposit and pay the balance a few weeks before your collection date.  A voucher is then e-mailed through for you to present at the car desk at your collection point e.g. Orlando Airport.

When staying in Indian Wells, although a rental car is not essential, you should consider one to make the most of the Orlando area.  However, if a car is not your scene and a Harley Davidson is - not a problem - these can be rented as well.

UK Driving Licence Holders

In June 2015, the DVLA abolished the paper counterpart to the British driving licence and replaced it with an online system for motorists to share their details with car hire companies.  When renting a car in Florida, the rental company may wish to view details of your complete driving licence to understand which classes you are eligible to drive or whether you have any convictions. As this information was only shown on the paper counterpart (and not in full on the newer plastic driving licence), a 'check code' can be generated through the DVLA website to allow the rental car company to view these details on line. If you are hiring a car, make sure you check with your car hire company to see whether you need to generate a code.  The 'check code' is generated from the 'Share Your Licence Information' DVLA page. Each check code can be used once only and is valid for 21 days.

Our personal experience has shown that the rental company has never yet asked for this 'check code'.  That said, we always generate one - just in case.

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