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Indian Wells

Indian Wells, Lake Buena Vista and Orlando Map

The majority of the vacation villas in the Orlando and Disney area are located on or around highway US27 (which is to the west of Walt Disney World) or south towards Interstate 4.  Shops and restaurants are often very limited, public transport is non-existent, taxis will be expensive and a rental car is essential.  Unless you are eating in or staying around the villa, driving is a must to get anywhere and it can be as much as 60 minutes to get to some attractions!  If you have made the daily drive from the 'wilderness' communities, you will know just how much of your vacation is spent  in your car and  with petrol prices increasing all the time, you will certainly notice how much it costs (to say nothing of your precious time).

The interactive Google Map below shows Lake Buena Vista, Kissimmee, theme parks, attractions, shops, restaurants, airports and convention centres.

Indian Wells Theme Parks & Attractions Restaurants & Eateries Golf Courses Outlets & Shopping Airports & Business

Driving Directions, Distances & Timings

Given that the attractions and shops are spread around the Orlando, Kissimmee and Walt Disney World area, getting to and from them can really eat into your vacation time.  Walt Disney World Resort alone is nearly 50 square miles!  With somewhat 'distorted' figures being presented on many websites, we want to show you realistic times and not just quote to the gates of Walt Disney World (which are just that - gates).  Below are distances taken straight from Google Maps with representative timings when travelling during the day.  There are also Google Map directions to the parks, shops and attractions based on our knowledge of the locality.  

Click on the destination to see the recommended routes and driving directions on Google Maps.
Destination Miles Minutes Recommended Route on Google Maps
Walt Disney World Resort (gates) 7 Driving route to Walt Disney World
Disney Springs 12 Driving route to Disney Springs
Magic Kingdom 14 Driving route to Magic Kingdom
EPCOT 7 12 Driving route to EPCOT
Animal Kingdom 15 Driving route to Animal Kingdom
Universal Studios 12 17 Driving route to Universal Studios
Seaworld & Discovery Cove 12 Driving route to Seaworld & Discovery Cove
Aquatica 14 Driving route to Aquatica
Restaurants & Shops on US192 1 2 Driving route to Restaurants & Shops on US192
Old Town & Fun Spot 4 Driving route to Old Town & Fun Spot
WalMart (SR535) ¾ 2 Driving route to WalMart (SR535)
Publix Supermarket (SR535) ½ 3 Driving route to Publix supermarket (SR535)
Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores ¾ 2 Driving route to Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores
Premium Outlets, Vineland 9 Driving route to Premium Outlets, Vineland
Premium Outlets, International Drive 12½ 20 Driving route to Premium Outlets, International Drive
Florida Mall 12½ 22 Driving route to the Florida Mall
Pointe Orlando, International Drive 17 Driving route to Pointe Orlando, International Drive
Volcano Bay 15 Driving route to Volcano Bay
Florida Turnpike 17 Driving route to the Florida Turnpike
Orlando International Airport 18 25 Driving route to Orlando International Airport
Sanford International Airport 49 55 Driving route to Sanford International Airport

Public Transport and Taxis

Previous guests have confirmed that it is possible to have a great vacation without the need for a rental car.  This is what makes Indian Wells unique, in that for virtually all other villa communities, a rental car would be essential.  That said, a rental car is always recommended, merely because of the distance between everything.  The vast open spaces mean that the attractions and shops can be over 10 miles apart and although there are buses on the main routes, with the exception of International Drive, there are very few public transport trams.  For local trips, taxis hold 4-5 persons and are approximately $5 for the first mile and $4 per additional mile.

Check out the taxi and bus prices from Orlando International Airport or the Mears taxi cab fare estimator.  For an idea of the prices, select 'Lake Buena Vista' or 'Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores' as the starting point or destination.

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